John Lloyd Art Statment
Why do I keep finding my self returning to paint in the landscape? Through the relaxed rhythm of the brush strokes I make a connection to the stories happening around me, the slow movements of the clouds, the rhythm of the water, the gestures of the wind moving though the trees, the many varieties of the movements made by the animals and the people around me enjoying their walk.
Since so many of us work indoors we carry a longing for the world beyond the window. We want a feeling of connection to a greater whole beyond the chatter of the cell phones and e-mail. Our time in the landscape can provide a balance to this sense of isolation where we are in an intricately interconnected world. Painting outdoors also balance the sense of constriction that we feel in the modern life — outside we can deeper, experience more space and distance . Modern life with complexities where every decision has to be considered carefully is balanced by the simplicity of the activity of rendering the world I see in front of me.
These are some of the things that go through my mind while painting outside.